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One of my new customers recently apoligized for mentioning several small details that she wanted to change on her new site.

When I work for someone I don’t mind “fuss”.
In the end it’s your site and it should be just what you want, no matter how small.

None of the changes would have effected the way her site would interact with the visitors so I made them right away, but what if they had?

My first job is as a designer or promoter is tell you honestly what I think of what you want. To give you a good of an assessment of what you want as opposed to what I want. To let you know how the changes may work and how your visitors may use or view them.

I think that I can usually make a good enough argument to convince you if we differ too much.

In the end though, my job though is to do what my customer wants and you should have the courage to stick with your convictions if you believe that you are right. If you are not sure maybe you should listen to the arguments again, but make up your own mind.

Remember it’s your site and your name on the page. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with it.


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  1. Great advice and It’s great you can have that balance between what the customer wants and what you know will work for them.

    John Grime
    Anderson Interiors

    Please visit our new web-site at:

    Comment by John Grime — January 24, 2008 @ 9:47 am

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