What is Viral Marketing?

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Viral marketing is a term for website promotion where one person tells someone about your site or promotion and they tell someone else and then it keeps on spreading. Kind of like the old shampoo commercial (and so on…) or the flu!

If you are lucky enough to put together a good one of these it can be the best, most economical advertising there is.

It is possible to plan a pretty good viral marketing campaign, but my personal view is the best campaigns are the ones that don’t have that in mind when they start out or at least it’s in the back not the front of their minds. It always seems when you try to so something like this on purpose it feels forced and never does as well as you expect.

It’s the unusual situations that seem to make the best campaigns, sometimes you can take a bad situation and turn it to your advantage. A good example of this happened to Dell recently. The Viral Garden blog offers a great viewpoint.


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