What Makes Good Content?

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I like to tell my clients that to help your site attract more visitors and to improve your search engine rankings that you need to continuously add good new content. The big question then is just what makes good content?

I feel that most of it should be directly related to your site and what you are trying to promote. Most all of my posts are directly related to my main site theme which is website design and promotion. As time goes by I am trying to post in that category as opposed to the general Internet information one. I do allow myself the joy of also putting some fun stuff on my site in the category of my Friday Just For Fun Stuff. It’s a nice diversion, but I limit it to mostly just Fridays because it is just a diversion and I don’t want it to take away from the primary theme of my site.

Jason Lee Miller writes for WebProNews which is a site covering technology and business. He wrote an article called “20 Tips for Writing Good Copy” and he explains well what can be considered good content that will help you add content that is something that your visitors will read and enjoy, not just filler for between the keywords.


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