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I was reading a post on the searchenginewatch By Justilien Gaspard called “Exploiting Your Current Backlinks and Link Referrals” where he talks about how links that you already have are often taken for granted. That’s very true, it’s much easier to get help from people who already know you and your site than someone new. It’s like the cost of attracting a new customer vs servicing an established one.

This post got me thinking on another track, which type of inbound links are better to have. While it’s true that one link from a valued high ranking site may be worth 100 or maybe 1,000 inbound links from lesser sites, they tend to be more fickle and much harder to get. Not only that page rankings tend to go up and down. While it is not likely that the high ranking site’s value will plummet, it may come down some, it is much more likely that a lower ranking site’s value will increase as they get older and more established. Of course many sites will stagnate or simply go away.

So what’s a site owner to do? My advise is to keep adding new content. If it’s good enough other sites will want to link to it and it will help you. If you are taking the time to actively solicit links to your site the high ranking sites are probably worth more of your time, but don’t ignore the others. Whether they have a high page rank or not will sort itself out.

High ranking sites tend not to give out links which amounts to their endorsement or vote for your site easily, but the only way you even have a chance to “hit the backlink jackpot” so to speak is to keep plugging away. One day you may write the article or come up with the idea that will make you famous (infamous), but one thing is for sure if you don’t even try it won’t happen.


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