A Great Reason For An Open Source Solution

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A new customer asked me the other day “Oh! One more question….so you’re doing my hosting and all that. What happens if you win the lottery and move to Tahiti? Do I only have to find a new host, or what?”

I often wonder why my customers don’t ask that question much more often. After all I am a one man shop. I replied to them.

You have the best!
A free open source platform that will always be available to everyone.
That’s why I insist on it.
This is your site. I suggest that you learn to back up the data yourself.
If you have a backup and you have control of your domain name you can easily move it somewhere else.

That’s one of the reasons that I recommend that all of my customers keep control of their own domain name, use open source software and keep their own backups. If something were to happen to me they could move their site somewhere else and there would be many other people who could easily step in and help them.

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