Some Great Free Image Tools

I am currently working with a customer who wants to set up a store. They had a spreadsheet of the items that they want to sell. There are over 3,000 of them. Creating a database if items for a shopping cart is not that unusual, but in this case the item images were in the […]

New Android Version 1.5

category Information

One of the reasons I bought the Android Phone was that I knew that with an open source operating system, anything that I wanted that it was missing would soon be available along with more. Great stuff open source. The Android version 1.5 is now available and I could get it myself, but I’ll just […]

How To Use Craigslist To Find New CLients

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I recently got in touch with a high school classmate of mine. Barb Girson is an International Direct Selling expert, trainer and coach who recently set sail with her own business called mysalestactics.com. We had a few emails back and forth and an interesting conversation about where we have been and what works in promoting […]

How To Password Protect Directories and Files

In addition to designing websites, I am getting requests lately to just manage data for clients. For example, shopping cart databases, Google or Open Office Documents. Some password protected and some not. I have found that the simplest solution is probably the best one. The htaccess file is simple to use and has good security. […]

Friday Just For Fun Site – StumbleVideo

category Friday Fun

Here’s something just for some fun on a Friday. (Not responsible if you get caught playing at work) I bought myself a new phone for Christmas. It’s a G1 with Google’s new operating system called Android. You probably already know that I’m an Open Source kind of guy. I think that even though the iPhone […]

Another Smart Way To Cut Costs

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The economy today is making all of the news. There is a good article in the Wall Street Journal that talks about how businesses are saving money by spending on updating both their hardware and software. While it never bad to look at your programs with an eye toward improving their efficiency, it continues to […]

Think Before You Email

category web design

I was speaking with a customer the other day about ways that he could use email marketing to promote his business. He was belt tightening like most businesses today and he finally realized the possible value and low cost of this kind of promotion. When I first built his site he asked for and I […]

Benefits Of Designing From Scratch

category web design

One of my potential customers is a group who have concerns about how I write my sites. They were worried that because I write my sites from scratch that they wouldn’t be able to edit it themselves. I believe that the opposite is true. When you design a site from scratch by hand your code […]

Still More Cool Free Open Source Tools

Here’s a list of some really great free open source software to replace many of the Windows programs that cost big bucks to buy. This list appeared recently on makeuseof.com. I have written about some of these tools and others before, but there are cool new ones here. It’s also nice to have a list […]

Cool Free Tool – LyX

category Information,web design

One of my customers who is a writer krahesnest.com asked me if I knew of any tools to help a writer organize their work. She knew that I am a big open source fan and thought that I could help her find something that would be an effective tool for a writer. I found LyX […]

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