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I always believed that one of the best ways to get your site noticed is to write articles. I have several sites that distribute articles that I send them off to and if one gets published on a popular site it can bring tons of traffic.

That’s not the only reason to do it, however. Writing articles gives your site more good high quality content for the search engines to find. You can also use them to bring traffic to your site in other ways. I use my articles as advertisements on CraigsList and other similar sites. In the proper section to advertise my services I write a short teaser to my article and then link to the full article on my website. I rotate my articles between several cities and put up new ones on a regular basis. That way if you have ten articles and rotate them between ten different cities you can change them every 3 days and only have to repeat them about once a month. Of course if you have more articles you will repeat them less often.

A recent post on SiteProNews talks about this.


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