Any Ideas For Fall Promotions?

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My friend from way back in High School, Barb Gerson has a site that she started when she recently went into business for herself called “My Sales Tactics“.

We sometimes write back and forth about some crazy things like the Ohiopyle “Over The Falls Race“, but it’s usually business. She recently asked me to comment on her blog about what, if anything, that I was planning to do to get some free promotion for my business. I think that she wanted ideas on how to get free public relations for the fall season, but I wrote about how I’m increasing my networking activities and using that to promote my business.

I would love to be mentioned in my local newspaper or be interviewed by a radio or TV station, but I really haven’t spent much of my time working on that. I did have a reporter from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette call me about the post I wrote to get Pittsburgh to the top of Google for the Best City In The World, but they didn’t mention my name in the article. It is number 2, by the way, and has been for quite a while now which is quite a success, but I don’t know if it will ever make number 1.

While getting mentioned in the mass media would surely increase my site visitors I don’t know if it would help my business as much as having people that know me tell others about my skills. So I prefer to concentrate on networking.

I have noticed since the middle of July that my business seems to be picking up and hopefully the economy is really turning around, but most businesses are still a bit slow and if you have any great (or even not-so-great) ideas about how someone can promote their business I would appreciate you adding a comment and telling us all about it.

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