Backup Your Data, Backup Your Data, Backup Your Data…

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Hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. Mine was hectic, but very nice.

In the last couple of days I have experienced two different servers that I have my sites or my customers sites on go down for several hours for different reasons. On Sunday one was down for almost eight hours and yesterday another one was not available for almost seven. If you do the math a 99.9% uptime guarantee (what most web hosts give) will give you an hour of downtime every couple of months. If they any problems for a year that downtime could be several hours and still be within the 99.9%.

I’m not blaming the webhosts for this, in fact I think most of them do a fine job maintaining their equipment. The fact of the matter is that all machines will occasionally fail and you need to be prepared for this. In the case of the servers that I use both were brought back without any loss of data, but what if they had failed and had to be replaced without any of the data or an old backup?

I keep many backups for my clients data, in several locations, but this situation made me realize that with the holidays and all the rushing around that I had gone several weeks without backing up this blog. Word Press makes it terribly easy to do. You just go to the manage and backup tabs and click backup. Can’t get any easier and I still ignored it for too long.

It’s done now, but it made me realize that if your website is part of your business you need to back that up just as diligently as any other data that you own. If you don’t have a regular backup plan for your data, make one now and stick to it or hire someone to do it.

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