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One of the things that my customers ask me the most is how to know how much and what kind of traffic is coming to their site. I usually tell them that the first place to start is with their visitor logs. Most web hosts these days offer a complete stats package, as well as, access to your raw visitor logs. They tell you who came, from where, where they came in, where they left, what pages, how long they stayed, search engine stuff and more. The real secret is to know what you are looking at.

The first thing that I look at is how many unique visitors I had. I want to know how many different people came to my site and then next how many pages did they look at. Are they just popping in for a quick look and leaving right away or are they taking the time to see what’ there.

It’s always a good idea to know what page they entered on and what’s on that page that attracted them. If you take the time to look you will be surprised at how many people enter your site from some page other than your first one. If you find there is something there that you hadn’t considered to be something that you should be promoting it may be time to reconsider and add more similar content. It’s also wise to look at the pages that people are leaving your site from. Is there a problem with the page that needs fixed? It could be content or maybe something design wise. Is the navigation to the rest of your pages obvious, easy to use and working. If you find that many visitors are entering and leaving from the same page it may be that what you have there is not what they are actually looking for or it could be that they just can’t find more of your pages. These are the kinds of things that you should know about.

Todays link is an article by Don Resh on SiteProNews called “Knowing Your Visitors Through Website Traffic Analysis”


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