Big media doesn’t get it

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I’ve read on Techdirt many cases where fighting a problem by trying to keep people out just won’t work because of the Internet.

Yesterday I tweeted

  • Here’s a thought that says Hollywood doesn’t have a clue how to stay relevant ow.ly/BHT0I

Yesterday was also *Talk Like A Pirate Day*

Today I’m looking for the Pitt game and I see

  • football

See that little key? It means that unless you have a cable subscription you can’t watch. Idiots!

Their thinking is they get so much money from the cable subscribers they can’t afford to let us pirates in. Arrrgghh!

I say they can’t afford not to:

  • Cable subscriptions are going down
  • They’re getting far less from their ads then they could already.
    This is the Internet, after all, not cable. Visitors can interact.
  • They’re making people mad who don’t have cable and can’t get around this block.
    Wait, never mind, there aren’t any of those

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