Can You Post Too Little?

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I have a customer called Chamber Musicians. I set them up a blog and at first the postings were pretty often. The other day I mentioned to them that their last post was a bit old. They asked me if it would be better to take the blog down.

This presents an interesting dilemma which I have not thought about before.
Is there a point where posting too little will hurt your site in either your visitors eyes or the search engines?

The simple answer is I don’t know. There are no hard and fast rules about what kinds of things that you post to your blog or how often the posts should be. Just the fact that it is your blog means it can be anything that you want and if you host it on your site you don’t ever have to post.

I know that when I visit a new blog I am much more interested in the actual content rather than the date it was posted, but I do usually have a look at the date. I’m not sure how many other visitors actually do care or even look at the date.

If you are thinking that the success of your blog depends on how many comments that you get from your visitors I would say that’s not true. Just having more content on your site helps in many ways, including giving your visitors who don’t know you a better idea of what you’re about. Having visitors comment is a bonus. It almost always helps, but I don’t believe that not having them hurts your site.

It may actually be better to have some content on your blog even though it is a bit old rather than taking the whole thing down. I do think that if you are willing to write something occasionally it is probably better to give that a try before giving up completely. You might also want to think of it as a bulletin board for your site rather than a diary.

It is also a good place to post pictures of your events. You could even video them and embed YouTube videos of your performances or events in the blog. In that case you could make a separate category for those and visitors could easily search for and subscribe to just those postings.

Please let me know what you think.

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