When Things Go Wrong Be Honest With Your Customers

Yesterday gmail went out for about an hour and a half. Not terribly bad for any Internet application, but I don’t recommend gmail for my clients. Not for that reason, but if you are in business, with the low price of a domain name and small hosting hosting account there is no reason to have […]

Some Great Free Image Tools

I am currently working with a customer who wants to set up a store. They had a spreadsheet of the items that they want to sell. There are over 3,000 of them. Creating a database if items for a shopping cart is not that unusual, but in this case the item images were in the […]

Find Out What Works Then Do It

category web design

The other day I wrote about how I sometimes find myself trying to talk a client out of doing something one way or another. Some of those times my client will decide to do things their way. I will then do what the customer wants because they are the customer and they know their customers […]

Simple Can Be Good

category Information

It never ceases to amaze me how many people want the latest and greatest technology, regardless if they have any idea how to use it or what it can actually do for them. It’s also very true with websites. I can’t tell you how many sites that I’ve built with programs for things that were […]

Happy CSS Naked Day

category Information,web design

Once a year is CSS Naked Day. Even though this it the fourth annual Naked Day, I have considered it, but chickened out the last three years. This year I have removed all CSS from this website, stripping it entirely of its design. The idea behind this event is to promote Web Standards. Plain and […]

Simple can be Good

category web design

When I stand up to talk about my business at my networking meetings of of the first things I say is that many vendors will try to sell you the most complicated system that they can. This is true for websites, inventory management or almost any system that a business will buy. For websites there […]

How To Password Protect Directories and Files

In addition to designing websites, I am getting requests lately to just manage data for clients. For example, shopping cart databases, Google or Open Office Documents. Some password protected and some not. I have found that the simplest solution is probably the best one. The htaccess file is simple to use and has good security. […]

Friday Just For Fun Site – Bloxorz

category Friday Fun

Here’s something just for some fun on a Friday. (Not responsible if you get caught playing at work) Bloxorz is a really cool Flash game where you roll a block over a maze and drop it into a hole. Sounds simple, right? Is is pretty simple, but keeps getting harder and is incredibly addictive. You […]

Scrolling Image Trick

category web design

My main tag line for my web design business and my site is “Simple can be Good”. I have always believed that more often than not the simplest solution to any problem is the best one. That the more that you complicate things the more there is to go wrong. The simple solution is also […]

Friday Just For Fun Site – Click The Ball

category Friday Fun

Here’s something just for some fun on a Friday. (Not responsible if you get caught playing at work) This is a fun game to play. It’s pretty simple, but maddening. All you have to do is click on the ball and it changes color. It took quite a while, but I got it. Play Click […]

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