Craigslist Spam On The Rise

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I have been a reader of many Craigslist feeds over the last couple of years to see what jobs are available in my field of endeavor. I have also written about several of the things I have observed.

Usually when a post is off topic or just plain spam it gets flagged pretty quickly by myself and other Craigslist users and that will keep the crap off of the list. Lately, though, I have been seeing more and more of the kind of junk that hasn’t been there before. It’s obviously spam and it’s showing up in many lists very quickly so I’m pretty sure it’s automated.

In the past it has been enough for the users to police the list by flagging and getting the bad posts removed. I have been seeing so much of it that it’s starting to be a real chore to flag all of these bads ads so I have been skipping many of them and I wonder how many legitimate users are doing the same or maybe just going away.

The ads seem to eventually be removed. Some quicker than others, but it seems to me like it’s taking longer than it used to. I wonder who will give up first?


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