Does Your Business Website Generate Business?

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I can’t tell you how many sites that I have seen and made where the owner puts up a site and expects the world (with billions of web pages to visit) to beat a path to their door. They never make any changes or even look at it and then wonder why it fails to live up to their expectations.

I had a customer tell me the other day that they were just not getting any hits. I know that what they really wanted was more customers and sales, but he confused hits and traffic with sales.

I asked him just how did he know that? I was pretty sure that he didn’t even know what his visitor traffic to his site was. I went to his visitor logs and saw that the site was getting almost 300 unique visitors a month. Some of those are search engines and blog spammers, but most are visitors. That’s not a huge number, but I’m sure it was more than he suspected.

So the real question is if there are visitors to the site why aren’t there any leads. I’m sure only one or two more a month will make quite a difference.

The questions should be…

  • If I am getting 300 visitors to my site why are they not contacting me?
  • Are they from out of the country or out of the area?
  • What pages are they most interested in?
  • On those pages do I have some sort of a “call to action” asking them to contact me?

Here’s where a blog or newsletters posted on your site can really help you gain relevant traffic that converts to customers. The first thing that you need to do is to review your website stats on a regular basis. Make an appointment with yourself to do this, it’s important.

  • See where your visitors are coming from.
  • What search terms they are using to find you?
  • Can you include those words and similar ones in future posts?
  • Are they being referred from another site?
  • If so, which ones?
  • Can you get links to you on more of their pages?
  • Write more content that they may be interested in linking to?
  • Can you find other similar sites that will also link to you?

Once you know what people are looking for you can provide more of it. Think of your blog posts like commercials, but not too self serving. Your visitors want to know what’s in it for them.
Talk about the issues that you and your customers are having and how you can help them.
Then be sure and check your stats to see which ones are popular and write more.

Be sure to include in your post a call to action. Something like
“If you are dealing with this issue I would be happy to work with you on solving it. Contact me by posting a comment on this page, emailing me directly or call my cel (412) xxx-xxxx right now.

So taking my own advise here, if you have a website that just seems to be siting there and not working for you please contact me and I would be happy to provide a free analysis of your current site.

There is also much more good free information on this site. Here’s a recommendation

What Good Are 1,000,000 Visitors If They Don’t Like Your Content?

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