Do People Use The Mobile-Phone Web?

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I wrote a post a while back called “How Does Your Site Look On A Phone?” where I talked about how your site can be completely distorted by such a small screen. I don’t do it much, but I have been thinking about using a phone to browse the Internet and was wondering just what I would do with it.

I don’t think it’s mostly the cost that’s keeping me away, but that’s part of it. I don’t really know anyone who uses their phone for much more that getting directions or checking their e-mail. Many times sitting at my laptop typing I think that the keys on it are about as small as I could go and how I plod along just putting names and numbers into my phone.

I read somewhere that when people have to drill down in your site, that is, click on a link to find what they are looking for, for every level that they have to click you lose about half of your visitors. Because the navigation is more difficult on a phone those numbers may be worse.

I was reading an article on the Washington Post site By Sam Diaz that made me think of this. There are tons of phones capable of Internet access out there, so if you can think of a killer application that visitors can use easily you may be on your way to the top. What top? The very top.


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