How Much Information Does Google Have On You?

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I often think about how much information is collected and shared about me about my online activities. I try to keep myself as anonymous as possible when browsing. I use Firefox, keep cookies turned off except where necessary and then only allow them for the session so they get deleted as soon as I close the browser. Even with that (and more) I am sure that there is much more personal information collected on and about me than I care for.

Probably the biggest collector of personal information in the history of the planet is Google. Even though I use and recommend many of their great free tools the one thing that concerns me the most is what will happen to all of this information that is collected in one place? Even though they seem to pretty benevolent about it now, privacy policies can be changed with the stroke of a keyboard.

I am writing about this today because I ran across a post by Hamlet Batista called “Our Digital Footprints: Google’s (and Microsoft’s) most valuable asset” which got me thinking about where this could end up. It’s fun to think about, but probably useless to worry about.



  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment on my post.

    Why I received a trackback, but I see not link to my blog on your post?

    Is this a new type of ‘special’ link building that I need to be aware of?

    Comment by Hamlet Batista — August 15, 2007 @ 5:34 pm

  2. Nothing special.

    The link is the last word

    It’s the same on all of my posts.
    What do you think?
    Too hard to find?
    Should I change it?

    Comment by Jim — August 15, 2007 @ 7:40 pm

  3. Jim – I see it now. It is not how I am used to see links. Very original style.

    If your readers are familiar with it, why change?


    Comment by Hamlet Batista — August 15, 2007 @ 10:46 pm

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