Do You Have a Current Backup?

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I subscribe to Matt Cutts’ blog and so I wasn’t surprised to read this morning that it was hacked and replaced by a group called “Dark SEO Team”. I’m not sure if all of his pages are gone or not, but it got me to thinking about security and information backup issues. Then just by coincidence I got an e-mail from someone who had almost hired me, but went with someone else. They told me that their webmaster had quit and was “not sure” if he could remember all of their passwords to give them.

Imagine that, your web person leaves you and no one in your organization has a backup of the data or a copy of your passwords! How to fix that is quite the question, but the best solution is not to allow yourself to be put in that position in the first place. Many web designers and developers will offer or insist on doing everything for you. That can be a big problem if they decide to leave and you don’t know what they have done.

Rule 1 – Keep control of your domain name yourself.
In the end it’s all you have. Your domain name host tells the nameservers on the web where to point to when people look for your site. So in the worst case scenario if you can’t get into the host who has your website files you can always buy a new web host put up a new site and have your name servers point there instead.

Rule 2 – Make sure that there is more than one person who knows all of your passwords.
Getting passwords changed without knowing your current one can be a big hassle. Maybe even keep them with your backup information in a secure location.

Rule 3 – Backup, backup, backup
It can be some trouble to backup on a regular basis so if you don’t do this now you should look into one of the many automated solutions that are available. Also you should keep at least one copy in a different location.

Here are some good tips for backing up your data for everyone, not just business owners, from Leo Notenboom on his AskLeo site.


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  1. Good April Fools joke Matt

    Comment by Jim — April 2, 2007 @ 7:37 pm

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