Another What Not To Do Email

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I got a junk email the other day. I knew it was junk mail the second that I looked at it. I was just going to delete it, but then I actually read it and decided it would make a good blog post. Dear Webmaster, I have visited your site http://www.lillicotch.com and found it quite […]

Inbound Links Are The Best Way To Help Your Search Rankings

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Whenever I’m at a networking or social event where someone asks about my business, there is always someone who wants to know what they can do for their site to be number one on the search results page for whatever it is that they are selling or promoting. My first answer is usually the same […]

More Great SEO Tools

I found this list of Free SEO tools. I have tried many of them before and there are many others that I haven’t tried yet, but will. I do recommend bookmarking this post on Investintech and at least having a look at all of the tools. Visit 101 Free SEO Tools

Great Help For SEO Beginners

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Whenever I go somewhere and talk about my work the question that gets asked first and most often is “how do I get to the top of the Google search results page?” Many times I’ll foolishly attempt a quick answer, which almost always leads to many more questions. Well, who better to ask these questions […]

You Can Buy Page Rank

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It looks like the CircuitCity.com name has been sold for $14M. I just read about it on the SEOBook website. Here’s the thing, if I were to sell recommendations on my blog posts here and provide links to my sponsors products (and not use nofollow) Google wouldn’t like it very much and would probably penalize […]

How To Get Unexpected Customers

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A little while ago I noticed on Twitter a post by a local SEO company that was trying to get Pittsburgh to #1 on Google for the term “best city in the world”. I realized that this was more about them than Pittsburgh, but I was a hometown boy who likes his city and thought […]

Organic Search or Paid Links?

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I was at a networking lunch yesterday with the Business Leads Exchange Group, it’s a wonderful group that I recommend that you check out if you are near The ‘Burgh. I’ve been going every month for quite a while now and much of my time is spent catching up with members that I know and […]

Getting Inbound Links

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Making your site have more value with search engines has always included inbound links. These links from other sites to your pages have always been considered a “vote” for the value of your page. Why would some site owner link to your page(s) and risk sending a visitor from their site to yours unless they […]

How To Use Craigslist To Find New CLients

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I recently got in touch with a high school classmate of mine. Barb Girson is an International Direct Selling expert, trainer and coach who recently set sail with her own business called mysalestactics.com. We had a few emails back and forth and an interesting conversation about where we have been and what works in promoting […]

How To Get Inbound Links For SEO

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One of the best ways to move your site up the search engine results page for your keywords is to have incoming links from outside websites. The higher ranking and more authoritative these sites are the better it is for you. The problem that people and companies with new sites run into is how to […]

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