Video Conferencing For Your Business

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One of my customers is looking for a way to have video conference training for his affiliates.
He has two requirements.

  • He has quite a few affiliates, so it has to handle 30 to 50 at once.
  • He also wants to record them to be either put on his website or on a DVD.

The standard solutions for larger groups of people are very pricey and others don’t let you record the video.

I did some checking and it looks like the best bet may be Skype. It’s free to use if all users have Skype installed and call/conferencing recording software is cheap.

The best part is that it’s free to try, so he can see if it works. If it does work well it will be a much better alternative to several hundred dollars a month solutions.

I’ll follow up and let you know the results.

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