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I was reading an article from the Wall Street Journal on line the other day and it was about how you can find hidden deals on Ebay by searching for misspelled words. The idea being that if you searched for items that were listed, but misspelled that there would be fewer buyers looking for that item, so fewer bidders and a lower price.

While reading I thought that this could also be an effective strategy for site owners who are bidding for pay per click keywords on search engines. Here’s how:

  1. Site owners who want a particular search term will bid on it and very popular terms can be very expensive to get your ad somewhere near the top of the sponsored listings.
  2. Misspelled keywords are not nearly as popular so they won’t be nearly as expensive. Of course there won’t be as much traffic, but most likely the searchers will be looking for the same thing and there will be fewer or maybe no other advertisers.
  3. Since you don’t pay for these ads unless someone clicks on them it’s really not costly to experiment.
  4. There is the possibility that the searchers who are seeing your ads are looking for something other than what you have. That possibility exists no matter what keywords that you are buying and I don’t believe that misspellings will affect that much or at all. Writing a good descriptive ad of what you are promoting will cut down on you having to pay for people clicking on your ads who don’t want what you have.

The article on the WSJ also has links to sites to search for these misspellings if you are interested it trying this.

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