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The Wall Street Journal has added a great new small business section to their website that’s free to use for anyone. They cover a wide range of topics from financing to advertising and promotion.

I just recently found this site and started to explore. I had thought that WSJ was a subscription only site and had never bothered with it, but this new section is completely free and doesn’t require any sign up.

I have written many times before (herehereherehere) that I believe that giving away free information can be more lucrative for a business than charging for it.

My local paper The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has been freely giving away their content for a long time and I visit them at least once a day.

Even the New York Times seems to have discovered this. Although they require a free sign up (for the advertising demographics I guess) which I’m not sure that I agree with. Many people have criticized their move to free content as they were making quite a bit of money from subscriptions, but I believe this will make them even more. Their biggest hurdle seems to be how to appease the folks that have already paid for their content. I don’t expect that they will lose them, though.

So check out the new Wall Street Journal’s “Small Business News – Small Business Resources – Small Business Help” section. There seems to be a wealth of good information here and is growing daily.
It’s free so what do you have to lose?



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