Time To Start Your Holiday Email Campaign

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I have never been a fan of anything Christmas before Thanksgiving, but since that’s not terribly practical, I think that not sending Christmas email before Halloween will have to do. These days, many businesses will say that I’m wrong, but I am personally annoyed by Christmas advertising before November 1. Well, it’s Nov 1 and […]

Is More Traffic Better?

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Mack Collier was mentioning on his blog how sites that blog have 55% more traffic and 97%  more inbound links. Sounds pretty good, right? More traffic is better, end of story. With the price of bandwidth these days it’s not usually bad to get a lot of visitors and maybe a few will convert to […]

Why Should My Site Have A Blog?

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Here’s a post on the HubSpot site that shows exactly how much having an active blog can improve your website’s traffic. I’ve written about how I believe having a blog can help, here are some numbers to back it up. Study Shows Small Businesses That Blog Get 55% More Website Visitors

Can Social Networking Hurt Your Business?

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Can social networking hurt your business? You bet it can! I have written many times before about how quickly bad publicity can spread these days. One of the main reasons that I hear from small business owners about why they don’t want to spend the time to get into social networking is that they are […]

Do As I Say, Not As I Do and Test Everything

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I was working on a site for a new customer and they asked for a contact form on their site. Not a big deal, it’s something that I have done dozens of times before. This time I did something that made me quite embarrassed. Let me start by saying that when I design a site […]

Finding Keywords For Your Site

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One of the things that I tell my customers when we first start to design their site is to try to think of keywords that they should use in their content to help search engines find them. To put these keyword(s) in the headlines and once or twice in the main text. I have written […]

Managing Free Publicity

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There’s a great post on the Wall Street Journal ‘s Small Business site that talks about what can happen if you suddenly get some great free publicity. A service called Bag, Borrow or Steal which rents high end designer handbags and sunglasses is getting a mention in the new Sex and the City movie. The […]

Best Kept Marketing Secrets

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I really like to read and recommend people who think like I do (or maybe I think like they do). It’s more beneficial for both parties involved when they are on the same page. It makes my work feel harder when a customer won’t even consider my advise and usually tells me that they are […]

You Need Good Product Photography

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For most people when they visit your site that’s pretty much all that they know about you. Especially for a small business with few or any brick and mortar locations this first impression means everything. That means if you are selling a product on your site you need to have good clear professional looking photos […]

Creative Promotion Ideas

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I like to read the Wall Street Journal’s Small Business section. It seems there are always good ideas for business looking to promote themselves in new and unusual ways. I find myself paying close attention to their blog and often following their related content as more of it becomes free. Recently I read and enjoyed […]

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