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I’m sitting here today trying to work and all I can think about is Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Those of you that know me know that I’m a big hockey fan. I gone to Penguin games as long as there has been the Pittsburgh Penguins. My father even took me to see a few of the old AHL Pittsburgh Hornets games.

I love the sports in this town and I am a big Steeler fan. I was there selling peanuts at “The Immaculate Reception” and I’ve really enjoyed every Superbowl, but I live and breathe hockey. I’ve skated most all of my life and I still play ice hockey to this day (it’s an old folks league 40 years and over). There is nothing better than Stanley Cup Playoff time for us hockey nuts, at least as long as your team is still in it. Last year and this are some of the best that I can remember, even with the disappointment of last year’s finals.

The last time they won their cups the team was so dominant that I really had no doubt that they couldn’t lose. Last year when I saw them play the Red Wings I knew that they were overmatched, but this year the two are just so even, since the Pens adapted the Wings style in February with their new coach, that it’s a shame that one has to lose. It’s made this series that much more fun and exciting to watch.

Now it’s come down to a Game 7 and I can’t keep my mind on work. GOOOOOOO Pens

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