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I have a page on my site with some of my favorite new sites that are showing up on the web. These are not my sites, but they are the kinds of things that I like in a website. There are different reasons that I picked these sites, they all look good, and are clear and easy to use. They don’t use Flash at all or use it only when necessary and never for navigation. The graphics are good, but not overpowering. Sometimes I just like a picture or the name. Some of them are not in english and I still know what they are about.Neonblack Media

The newest one is called Neonblack Media. You would expect with a name like Neonblack the site would be something like that, mostly black. The fact that it’s not black is a pleasant surprise. I like the colors and shadows and as expected from a graphic design company, their graphics are great. It’s not cluttered so it shows off their great work.


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