Happy 600th Blog Post

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I was thinking what to do for this wonderful achievement and recently I have had several potential customers tell me that they want their blog to look like their site.

When I tell them that I can make it look like whatever they want, they tell me “but your blog doesn’t match your site!”

I decided not to be the plumber with the leaking pipes in his house or the body man driving a rusty car and spent the last couple of days redoing my entire site. You may have noticed that there were no other posts this week.

I wanted a clean look that had lots of whitespace to make the reading easier and navigation that was clear and easy to find and use. Once I decided on a new design WordPress makes it pretty easy change over. I only needed to change 4 files and all of the 599 pages change, but the regular site is 160 pages (plus a bunch that I dropped) and I had to change each one individually by hand.

You may be saying to yourself “isn’t that what external CSS style sheets are for?” changing all of your pages at once. Well the answer to that is yes and no.

My site was the first job I did when I started this business over two years ago. I have learned much about seo, css, web design and my style has changed quite a bit since then. It also was made in several “layers” at different times and originally I just threw in the blog as an afterthought. Because my blog has become such an important part of my site I wanted it to look like it fits right in and my old site design didn’t lend itself very well to a WordPress theme.

Most of what I’ve learned make the site look better and also make my job easier when it comes to many things including changing the design. So I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade the source of all of my pages and any changes in the future should be much quicker and easier (famous last words).

I’ll be cleaning it up for a day or two, but please let me know what you think of the new look. I welcome any comments or suggestions.

Happy 600th Blog Post To Me

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