How Can I Say Sorry?

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On my post from yesterday How Can I Say NO? I had a bad link to the article that I was writing about. Sorry about that, it’s fixed now.

After writing that post I kept seeing things all day that related to it. Mostly people asking for work done for free, most with the “opportunity” to be paid later from the profits of your own work.

When I first started this business I took several jobs on a percentage of the sales basis even though deep down I knew better. I was just starting out and had the time, but of all the freebies that I gave out only one is still paying me a little and even after a year I believe that one day it may have been worth it, but it hasn’t been yet.

I think that the problem really is that people who have to risk nothing won’t put nearly as much energy in to their promotion and marketing efforts as someone who has something to lose. Where I now do quite a bit of writing and giving away information for free, I do it for myself and not for others.

I see Wordpreneur has a good post today called “My Thoughts on Writing for Free”. I guess these things everywhere.



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