You May Be A Spammer And Not Even Know It

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Got quite a few bounced emails today from some spammer who is forging my domain name on their crap. I’m guessing it’s probably someone who got my email address from one of my Craigslist replies. What a pain in the butt!

All of the IP addresses on the bounces seem to be from somewhere in Turkey.
Received: from dsl88-233-63245.ttnet.net.tr (dsl88-233-63245.ttnet.net.tr []
Warning: Sending machine is listed in pbl.spamhaus.org

They keep changing the from names (all ending in Lillicotch.com) so it may be forged as well, but I’m wondering if they are stupid enough to use their real IP. I wrote to the ISP in case this was the real address. I hope it is and that they are strict about this kind of thing in Turkey.

The worst part is that I’m only seeing the bounces. This jerk is sending thousands (millions?) of these and many recipients will assume it’s me sending them just because they appear to come from Lillicotch.com. If I didn’t have a catchall email address I wouldn’t have even seen them, but there’s not much else that I can do.

Added 1:40PM – Stopped for a while and now the new ones are from
dsl88-233-63245.ttnet.net.tr (dsl88-233-62179.ttnet.net.tr []

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