How Good Is Your Password?

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I always advise my clients to pick a good password for hosting their website. I tell them that their password is the “Key To Their Store”. Because of that they need to pick a fairly secure password, I tell them that they should not use a popular word, they should mix lower case and capital letters, have at least one number (not a 1) and if it’s allowed a non-alpha numeric character (like a @, #, ^, * or even a space).

While no method is foolproof, if you make it even a little more difficult for the bad guys they are much more likely to move on to an easier target than to continue to waste their resources on you.

I recently read that the Conficker worm tries to guess your network password by trying the most popular passwords that people use. This advice is not just for networks. Have a look at this list and if your password is on it (or just plain weak), do us all a favor and change it, please.

Passwords used by the Conficker worm

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