Paying Other Bloggers To Promote You

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I like to advise my customers to use blogs of their own or write comments on other related blogs to attract visitors to their own sites. I keep seeing a new trend with companies and site owners paying blogger to write about their product or service. I have written before that I Probably Can Be Bought.

I was reading in the Wall Street Journal that Nestlé was trying this approach in Europe. Nestlé is a huge company and when you see something in the WSJ you know that it has become close to mainstream. The discussions of the ethics of this approach keep appearing.

I don’t know that I could write positively about a product that I didn’t like or approve of. If I was allowed to write my honest opinion I would do it, but if not I think that I would have to turn down the opportunity.

I don’t worry too much about this approach turning bloggers into paid spokespeople because I believe that if a product or service does not do what it claims bringing a light to shine on it will only bring out all of the facets both good and bad. I don’t think that the bad qualities will be able to be hidden. Even if the comments about the flaws are deleted from the original post there are many more bloggers who will be willing to discuss a product fairly.

Trying to pay people to speak positively about something that is not good won’t work in any medium for long.



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  1. I agree I know I could not right positively about a product or service I dislike or cannot agree with.

    I can be bought I think most writers/ bloggers can. However to buy me for a product I am just not into will actually show in my writings.


    Comment by Steve — December 11, 2007 @ 11:50 am

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