How To Pick A Domain Name

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Probably the very first thing that you do when setting up a website it to pick a domain name. That is Whatever.com or Whatever.org or Whatever.whatever

What used to be a very simple process is getting harder and harder every day as more and more names are being used up. Because of this there have been several new extensions have been added to .com, .org, .gov, etc. New items like .info and .tv are now available. I feel that most people will use .com for a business address and it is always advisable if you can find a .com name if you can. The main problem is if youhaveuseanamethatistoolong.com. I still assume that people will type your name into their address bar and too much typing or too many dashes are not good and give you visitors too much of an opportunity to mistype and to be sent elsewhere. In that case it may be better to use .biz or one of the other extensions.

There is a good article on Site Pro News about this by Donovan Baldwin. He cover this and mayn other issues.


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