Is Blogging Going Away?

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I have been reading quite a bit lately about whether blogging is no longer growing and maybe even growing away.

This seems to all have been started by Dilbert creator Scott Adams saying that he was disappointed with his blog’s performance and would be writing less. He seems to be upset that many people are reading his blog through their RSS readers and they don’t show the ads, so he’s making less than he thought he would.

I think this controversy may brought him more readers than ever. I hadn’t heard of Scott’s blog, but started reading it and now subscribe. He hasn’t slowed down his postings yet, by the way.

I started reading many posts on this issue and I think that Jennifer Laycock may have the opinion that I like best. She says that blogging is just getting started and like all things it’s going to change. Of course it’s not a get rich quick thing, probably only was in the very beginning, but if you post good information on a fairly regular basis your blog can be one of the best promotional tools that you have.



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