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I always tell my customers to keep their domain name themselves. That if something should happen to me and I am no longer able to help them with their site that they can always go to their domain name host and just point it to a copy of their site on another web host that they can control. That way even if someone hijacks your site you can get it back.

I think that at the very least all website owners should have control of their own names. It has been said that the search engines now look at how long a domain name is registered for as an indication of how stable the site is. For example a domain registered for a year is more likely to be gone in a year than a name registered for nine years. Normal visitors can’t easily see that information, but search engines can incorporate that info into their algarythms. I don’t know if this is true or not, but what do you have to lose?

It’s also very important to keep your contact information with your domain host current. They will usually notify you if there is something wrong or if it is about to expire. There are many people who will buy an expired domain right away just to get any benefit from their established traffic, so you can be assured that if you let your domain name expire you won’t be able to easily get it back. Here’s an example where a church had let their domain expire and had it grabbed up by a porn site.


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