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One of the best ways to move your site up in the search rankings is to get links from other sites. When I mention to my customers that one of the easiest places to get these links is social networking sites they tell me that they don’t want a MySpace page or one on Facebook.

My reply to this is that there are many more sites that they can use than those. Some can be very compatible to what their site does and they all will allow you to post and link back to your site.

For example a site like Upcoming which is part of Yahoo will allow many different kinds of postings for events. They are there for all kinds of social groups, bands, entertainers, and artists of all kinds. They allow you to post your events, jobs, public presentations and also photos. With all of these postings you are allowed to provide a link back to your site. So in addition to the traffic that this free ad brings, you also get the benefits of a one way link to your site from a very highly rated site. Even if you don’t get one visitor from your ad, the link back will help your search engine rankings.

It’s something to consider adding to your regular promotion tactics.



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