Links, Links, or Links?

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Almost everyone knows one of the best ways to get high rankings from the search engines is to have lots of pages link to yours. The question then is what are the best kind of links to get?

  • Do you want to try to go out and trade links with other sites? There’s a good chance that the link to you will end up on a page that used to be called a “link farm”. That is a page full of links that don’t provide you any quality either with search engines or visitors.
  • Do you buy links from high ranking sites? This method used to work very well, but now Google frowns on that. I have written about where I believe it’s still possible and pretty easy to do.
  • My personal favorite is to just have content that people will want to link to. That could be on your site or on an article distribution site or any number of other places.
  • You can write comments on other related blogs and forums and link back to your site. This works well, too. The main thing here is to make sure your comments are related to the post and offer some value to the reader. Otherwise it will probably be treated as spam.
  • You can also just have links from other pages in your own site. This doesn’t work as well, but still works.

There are many things that you can do to get links to your site that I haven’t mentioned here and I found a really good post by Hamlet Batista called “Baiting and Beseeching — Obtaining the right mix of chasing links and getting them to chase you” it’s worth the read.

Read Baiting and Beseeching

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