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I saw an an on Craigslist last night that said basically I’m going to try this again, but I’ve been stuck twice before.
He then finished the post by saying that the lowest price will get the job.

I wrote to him with some advise.
“You say lowest bidder gets the job and then you complain about being stuck twice. No wonder.”

He quickly wrote back.
“LOL, can’t believe i’m taking the time to respond. it’s an attempt to get people to give me their best price. Thanks for your concern though.”

I gave him a quote that I’m sure won’t be his lowest bid and since he was kind enough to explain his reasoning to me I tried to clarify what I was saying.
“If you only consider price you may wind up with nothing at all.”

Certainly nothing worthwhile.

There’s an old saying that goes…
“There is nothing that someone cannot make a little more inferior, sell a little cheaper. And those that only consider price, is his prey.”

I’m guessing I will soon see an ad that says “I’ve been stuck 3 times now…”

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