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I noticed a discussion on LinkedIn today about whether you blogs URL should look like this www.myblog.blogspot.com or like this www.mydomain.com/blog.

Some people couldn’t understand the difference and others didn’t think that it mattered. Well, there is a difference and it does matter.

The Difference…
When you are looking to see who owns a website the only part of the domain name that tells you who the site belongs to is the part that comes right before the .com (.org, .net, etc.).
That means that if your URL looks like…
that page is on the Blogspot website.

If your URL looks like this…
that content is on your site and you have complete control over it (or you should)

Why It Matters…
The old saying with SEO used to be “Content Is King” and while that may not be as true as it used to be, new content on your site is still very important for a couple of reasons and it’s true for human visitors as well as the search engines.

First, you need to have words on your site that the search engines can find, read and then know what your site is all about. The more words that you have on your site the more chance that someone will find you. Sometimes for things that you would not have even considered. I’ve mentioned before that if you are lucky enough to get good relevant comments on your posts, that’s even more content for your site that you don’t even have to write.

Next, one of the many factors that search engines use when rating your site is how often that you add new content. They do this because they think (like your human visitors) “all right I’ve seen their site, why would I go back again?”
You would probably only go back more than once or twice if there was something new to look at each time that you did. So, the more times that you add new content the better that you should rank.

You have worked very hard to

  • Write new content on a regular basis
  • Passed along your knowledge and insights
  • Have others add even more in the way of comments

Why would you put this on someone else’s site and let them have all the benefits without any of the work?

There are also a few reasons why you shouldn’t have a blog on your site

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