Making Money With A Web Based Business

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Making money with a web based information business these days is much different than doing business used to be. There used to be many distribution costs associated with doing business with information as your product, printing, storing, shipping. Not anymore. Your product can now be delivered to the end user for almost nothing. It also means that it is now infinitely available and can be shared for nothing.

I believe that the way to go with this is to embrace the sharing. There are plenty of ways to make money once you’re popular. The trick is how do you get to be popular? I believe the way to do that is by letting people see what you have to offer them without any obligations. Then once you are popular it’s up to you to figure out how to monetize it. If you have really made fans they may help you figure it out, but in the end it’s up to you.

There’s a good post on TechDirt today which is mostly one of the comments on their blog. Imagine that! A fan offering a website some great free content just because they like them. They talk mostly about music, but this can be about many other businesses. Just read the post and substitute “music/musician” with writer, programmer, filmmaker, etc. I’m sure that there are plenty more.

If You Want To Make Money As A Musician You Need To Be A Musical Entrepreneur

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