Is Wix or WordPress better for SEO?

Question from Small Business Community that I answered today Is Wix or WordPress better for SEO? The real (not so) secret is to publish new content regularly, that’s easy for the visitor to find. Write for your human visitors and search will follow. WordPress categories, tags and search makes that a breeze. I’ve been making […]

What you want?

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Someone just wrote to me inquiring about starting a blog. Use pictures & video. There’s 1 main secret to a good blog. Add good new relevant information to it as often as possible. Use pictures & video.

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Social media and your website

My customer is, The Dor Stop Restaurant I follow them and noticed this on their facebook timeline Construction update….only 1 block of Potomac – West Liberty to Glenmore – will be closed this weekend. Side streets and sidewalks will all be open. Parking on Potomac is allowed. See you this weekend!! on their website it […]

McDonalds and Really Poor Customer Service

I didn’t intend to write about anything today, that is, until McDonalds ruined my morning. I hardly ever go there anymore and apparently I’m not alone. I used to visit quite often and especially like their breakfasts. These days I have cut way way down on my visits because I’m trying to eat healthier. Today, […]

SEO and SEO Scams

My customer forwarded me this today. He was worried that his website was missing out on tons of traffic. I get millions of this crap, so it’s probably easier for me to spot as spam (I added the stop sign) From: Cool sounding (English) name@gmail.com Subject: Can I give some honest feedback on your website? […]

Music for MS

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Working on a music festival for the National MS Society, Western PA Chapter August 16th at Hartwood Acres Website www.musicforms.org Please like the page and help spread the word Facebook.com/musicforms.org

The Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh won’t let in the Marines

Pretty extreme headline, right? Note: I changed it because I realized it was actually too extreme, I was being sarcastic and it didn’t come off that way. I’m sure it’s not that bad, but that sure is the image that the Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh is portraying. It’s just another example of how businesses don’t understand social […]

If you’re in Pittsburgh – Great networking group

If you are in the Pittsburgh area or Visalia CA, let me recommend the Business Exchange Networking Group to you. If you’re in business, it’s a great way to promote yourself, meet other like minded people and open your network a bit more. It’s been the best leads tool for me. One day a month […]

Finally something is free!

Guest blog post by Meg Huwar, Huwar Marketing & Media Services. They say nothing in life is free…well not anymore! Introducing SpOfferZ! SpOfferZ (Special Offers) is a website developed by me. SpOfferz features coupons for discounts on products and services. Unlike most of the “daily deals” this site provides advertisers with one free coupon. The […]

Building a social media course

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Currently I’m building a series of social media classes designed to help businesses who want to get into social marketing. Things like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ can be very useful, but also very intimidating for businesses. My idea is to have a series on ongoing classes that will help businesses improve their market and […]

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