More Things That I Like

I recently wrote a post called New Year’s Recommendations
Here are a few more of my favorites.

I like The GIMP
It’s a great photo editor with many more features than I’ll ever use.
As good as any professional program, it works on almost any machine and it’s free. How cool is that?

Irfanview is not open source, but still freeware and I have been using it for years. It’s a viewer, not an editor, and plays almost any picture or music file and is still my favorite program for sideshows on my computer.

Even with Windows 7 I use the ZoneAlarm firewall for my computer. There are other products they sell, but their free firewall is still the best one out there. Many products like this will only monitor traffic in one direction, not both ways and some require you to tell them what not to allow. ZoneAlarm monitors traffic both up and down and only allows what you permit. You can allow programs access on a one time or all the time basis. This is especially important because so many things out there you don’t know are threats and many more that haven’t been invented yet.

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