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When I was “downsized” a little over a year ago starting my own business was not in any of my thoughts or plans. Then one day at the unemployment office while looking for work one of the workers asked if anyone there was interested in self employment. It turns out that Pennsylvania has a program called Self Employment Assistance (SEA) where if you are unemployed and have an idea for a business they will go over it with you and if it’s viable they will send you to classed at one of the local Universities designed to help you get started. All in all it’s a wonderful program.

My mind started to racing over all of the possibilities. I could use my web design skills to do this and make tons of money. I didn’t really need to invest much money at all to get started, I wouldn’t have a boss and could work from anywhere whenever I wanted.

Well all of that is true to some degree, but there is much more to it (good and bad) than I ever anticipated. I bring this up because I came across an article today called “Is Starting Your Own Business the Answer?” by Susan Bryant who is a Monster.com contributing writer. If you’re thinking about starting your own business it’s a good read with many useful points and links.

There are many people and organizations out there that can and will help you in this kind of endeavor and it is in your best interest to look at and use as many as you can.


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