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One of the best free ways to promote your website and business and to add good content to your site is to write articles and to promote them on the many free article distribution sites available to authors. My best advise here is to always best to stick to writing about what you know about and to keep to ideas that are relevant to your site. There is not really any use in bring visitors to your site that are not going to be interested in what you have to offer.

I have written several articles that I have on several distribution sites and I keep seeing them show up on sites across the world. For now at least most of the sites that are republishing my articles are not very high ranking, but I believe that having them link to my site helps my site grow in rank (even if it’s only a little bit). One day a major site may see fit to pick up one of my articles, but I think it is much more likely that there will come a time when one of these new sites will become very popular and high ranking, then my link will be much more valuable.

One of the sites I use to distribute my articles is ideamarketers.com and they are featuring a good article by Marnie Pehrson called “Article Promotion for Better Search Engine Placement”. She talks about how to target and use keywords in your articles.


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