Should We Be Worried About Click Fraud?

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I am reading more and more these days about how click fraud is going to be the death of pay-per-click advertising. While I believe that the numbers are probably higher than what is reported, but the search engines are doing their best to limit this problem.

What you need to do as an advertiser is to do what you should do if there was no click fraud. That is to test, retest and test again. If you track everything you should know what you are spending for each individual ad and what it is bringing in revenue. It’s called ROI (return on investment). You need to know exactly what you need to make on each ad and only use the one that meet these goals. You know the big boys are doing that and you need to do it too, then it probably won’t matter what the percentage of click fraud is (unless someone is really out to get you).

In the end if you are not willing to do (or pay for) the tracking work then you should not be buying in the pay-per-click business.


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