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More and more search engines are giving pictures (and now video) in their results pages. Does that mean that their spiders are now able to “view” and index these files. I imagine that it is probably getting better, but they sill mostly rely on what you tell them that the image is about. There are many places where you can place text that is meant to tell the search engines what your pictures are about. Some of them can be seen by your human visitors and some can’t.

What you need to do is to use the keywords that you’re looking to be found for and incorporate them into your pages. Then you need to have the search engines trust you enough to believe what you’re telling them. See my article “Why Should A Search Engine Trust You?” for more information about that.

This post, by Elliance on the SearchEngineLand site, talks about six easy steps the average site owner can take to make sure that his images get indexed for maximum visibility, from providing appropriate keyword tags to quality supporting text.


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