Simple Can Be Good

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It never ceases to amaze me how many people want the latest and greatest technology, regardless if they have any idea how to use it or what it can actually do for them.

It’s also very true with websites. I can’t tell you how many sites that I’ve built with programs for things that were hardly ever used, if at all. There’s also no telling how many visitors that the latest bell or whistle confused and chased away.

As a website designer I work for the site owner and so first I give my opinion of the value for any addition to their site. I’ll hope that they’ve thought long and hard about if they really need the very latest “must have” gadget. Hopefully they will have taken some time to decide if it will actually help their site’s goals before they add it. After that, I’ll do what they want.

There are many other designers who will just say to their customers “sure thing, that’s a great idea” and close their eyes and see their bill going up.

Here’s another good post on the subject from Joshua Palau on the Search Engine Watch called…

A Modest Proposal: Technology in Search

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