Some Random Thoughts on a Thursday

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I tried to email someone the other day and I got a reply that before my mail would be delivered I had to go to a website and fill out a captcha to prove that I’m a real human who wants to contact them. I almost left the page, but I filled it out and sent my email.
I think that I would rather deal with 1,000 spams rather than lose a potential customer. You do need to filter email these days, but this is too much. To be in business you need to be easily accessible.

I found a great article that I wanted to write about and link to the other day. I went to the author’s site and couldn’t find it. She did have it posted on an article sharing site, but nowhere on her own site. If you want to promote yourself put your work on your own site first.

I got an email from another potential customer who said that I couldn’t help him because he was only interested in promotion in the “real world”. I went to his site and saw JavaScript navigation, all of the content on the first page was in pictures (also no alt tags), he had no traffic that I could see and a page rank of “0”. No wonder he didn’t think too much of the “cyber world”.


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