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I have been reading quite a bit on social media lately and Twitter in particular. I thought I would try some of the strategies that I have seen to make this site better by bring more visitors to the site. I am always looking for more customers,  inbound links and visitors to comment on my blog posts.

One of the things that I see often is that people on social networking sites like to read about themselves. So people on Twitter like to read articles about Twitter, folks on Digg like articles about Digg, etc. I am going to write more posts on this topic and try some new strategies. My customers ask more often lately about if and how this works, so I will write more posts about what works for me and what doesn’t.

Today I added the Tweet This plugin for WordPress that you now see at the bottom of all my blog posts. It’s an experiment to see if tweeters will retweet some of my posts and possibly pick up some more followers. Please feel free to share here what works for you.

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