What Should You Have On Your Blog?

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My customer at Old Timer & Lily has been keeping a blog on Blogger for quite a while now. She posts quite often and I read them regularly.

When we were setting up her site she decided to have another different blog and posting to that has been almost nonexistent. I kept seeing new posts to her Blogger site and I realized that’s what she should have on her site. I advised her I think that she was wrong about keeping the Blogger content off of the Oldtimer site.

Her Old Timer blog should be exactly like her Blogger blog. Personal, fun, educational and not trying to sell you. Blogs that try to sell stuff never seem to to a good job.

In her personal blog she writes about things that makes her happy & sad and that’s what people want to read about. I believe it’s exactly what a company like O&L’s blog should be. So I advised her to do it all on O&L.

Nothing on Blogger counts as your content because it’s not on your site. If you are writing (any) original content you might as well have it on your site to bring you the traffic. Even if you are a big business it can be seen in a more personal way by your visitors. Your current readers will follow you if you tell them what you are doing. I believe it can’t hurt business it can only help.

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