Where To Do Your Best Work?

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When I first started this business I thought that a cool way to work! I’ll drag my laptop outside to the back deck and work from a lounge chair, or my couch, or just stay in bed with the TV on in the background and work.

I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but I for one can’t do good work that way. A job is a job and work is work no matter where you are and you should prepare yourself for that. Working at home is no different you really need a bright comfortable work space that’s away from the everyday (every minute) distractions where you can do your work. I do like to keep something with me everywhere I go where I can jot down ideas, but I know that I do my best work sitting at my desk.

I was thinking about that because I saw a nice post on a site called Home Business Eye that gives some great home office design ideas.

Read 10 Remarkable Home Office Designs

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