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Some of the things that I have seen posted lately on several of the blogs that I like to read are about things like, how to make money with your blog or what kind of things to write about to be sure that your blog is popular.

When I started writing this blog I knew it would be a good way of promoting my business by adding new content to the site, but the main reason that I write it is to try and help pass along some of the cool things that I have learned about the web.

I have always believed in sharing information. Even before the web I had family and friends ask me advice about things that were technical in nature or about business and if I could I would always help. I had seen companies on the web that were huge that got that way by giving away stuff and I suppose that was always in the back of my mind. What I have also found is that by having what I know already written and in a place where I can easily access it I can do many things with it that I hadn’t imagined and if it helps someone else then so much the better.

So I decided to write about things that I like and enjoy and it makes writing so much more enjoyable for me and hopefully reading it for you. If you are thinking about starting a blog and you still don’t know what to write about have a look at this post on the e-factory site. It’s about starting a blog that is popular.

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